Experiencing Florida, America’s Sunshine State

Famous for its flamingoes, palm trees, and white sandy beaches, the southern US state of Florida draws enthusiastic, eager visitors from all over the world.

From the historic city of St. Augustine (founded by Spanish settlers way back in 1565) to the glitzy city of Miami and its vibrant nightlife, Florida has something for virtually everyone.

This blog site provides valuable information and tips for anyone considering a trip to Florida, also affectionately known as America’s ‘Sunshine State.’

So before booking plane tickets, would-be travelers are advised to peruse this site and its frequently updated content on all things related to this must-see travel destination.

The Best Beaches in Florida

23 Mar 2022

With over 1000 miles of coastline, there are numerous beaches to choose from. Some of the best include Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, South Beach in Miami, and Fort Lauderdale Beach. For those who enjoy snorkeling from the beach, try Grayton Beach State Park.

Palm Trees in Florida

15 Feb 2022

A new visitor to Florida will undoubtedly be surprised by the number of palm trees everywhere in this sunny state. Twelve palm species are actually native to Florida, and these include needle palms, royal palms, and cabbage palms. Some grow as high as 100 feet tall.

The Glorious Florida Weather

9 Jan 2022

One of the main reasons people actually come to Florida is the hot weather. And while it is predominantly warm and sunny, there are many instances of storms, hurricanes, and flooding. The tropical climate also leads to high humidity, which may be uncomfortable for some.

Wildlife in Florida

5 Dec 2021

There are numerous creatures living in Florida, some scarier than others! Of course, alligators immediately spring to mind and can be found in the wild or in captivity. There are several species of snakes, spiders, and frogs. For something a little prettier, look out for the flamingoes.